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A successful campaign requires a strong financial plan. Donating every year allows our financial plan to move forward, and allows you to maximize on tax benefits. New Democrat campaigns don't rely on the resources provided by wealthy donors - our success comes from people like you. Don't wait until the campaigning begins; help us ensure a winning campaign from the start.

Tax credits also make donating easier, with up to 75% of your donation coming back to you.

Donate by credit card, Interac® Online, or direct debit

Donate by cheque

Please mail to the following address a cheque payable to "Waterloo Federal NDP":

P.O. Box 601
Waterloo, ON
N2J 2W0


The maximum combined annual contribution across all electoral district associations, nomination contestants, and candidates is $1,500.

Separately, the maximum annual contribution to a central party is $1,500.


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